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Handbook of Energy Crops 一 By James A. Duke. The Handbook provides discussion and presentation of available information such as: nomenclature, uses, folk medicine, chemical composition, botanical description, germplasm, distribution, ecology, cultivation, harvesting, yields and economics, energy, biotic factors, and key references. The technologist, attempting to identify plant species that merit further attention or show promise for satisfying specific fuels, chemicals, and materials needs, should find this an invaluable reference source. 你知道大豆(Glycine max)的氨基酸成分最多的不是glycine嗎?一些能源作物的資料,包括命名、名俗療法、成分等,都可以在此找到。
Biomass fuels have been extensively analysed using combustion and gasification experiments, as well as an indication of the feedstock's suitability for ethanol production.CSIRO Database contains the results of analysis, including:
  • Proximate and ultimate analysis
  • Calorific calue
  • Ash elemental analysis
  • Ash melting temperatures
  • Sample fouling and corrosion propensity
  • Gasification characteristics
  • Assessment of liquid fuel production


Phyllis is a database, containing information on the composition of biomass and waste. Phyllis enables you to make analysis data of individual biomass or waste materials available and offers you the possibility to obtain the average composition of any combination of groups and/or subgroups. 生物物質及生物廢棄物燃燒後之成分分析資料庫。
BIOBIB includes data of the ultimate analysis of the elements, the proximate analysis, the analysis of the minor and trace elements, data about the melting behaviour of the ash and much more. BIOBIB does not only cover information about different types of wood, straw and energy crops but also waste-wood samples and biomass-waste-assortments of different biomass-treating industries. 木頭及牧草類燃燒後之元素分析資料。
BioBase 一 付費資料庫,據說有很多相關資訊。
NREL’s patents. A number of NREL's biomass technologies have been patented and are available for licensing. 您手上哪一些技術可用於生物能源呢?不妨參考一下NREL的生物能源專利資料。
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