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Chlorine: The Only Green Element-Towards a Wider Acceptance of Its role in Natural Cycles — Green Chem. 2000, 2, 173-225. N. Winterton提出在自然界中有不少含氯分子的存在,值得投注更多心力研究生物體內的有機氯化合物及其相關之biosynthetic pathways。
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The Current Status of Fuel Cell Technology for Mobile and Stationary Applications —  A very good tutorial review on the design and application of fuel cell
Forum on Solar and Renewable Energy in a ACS Journal, Inorganic Chemistry —  Inorganic Chemistry presents the Forum on Solar and Renewable Energy in this issue which contains valuable fundamental knowledge as well as frontier research information.
Green Chemistry Can Help Nanotechnology Mature, Professor Says Science Daily — The safest possible future for advancing nanotechnology in a sustainable world can be reached by using green chemistry, says James E. Hutchison, a professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon.
The Many Faces of Chlorine (C&EN 2004, 82(42), pp. 40-45.) —  專家們對含氯的化學品對環境的影響有著相當不同的看法與論點。 C&EN邀請了兩位專家(C. T. (Kip) Howlett Jr.,Terrence Collins) 進行了一場紙上辯論。
The Online Fuel Cell Resources —  Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute, a non-profit educational organization formed to promote the development and early commercialization of fuel cells and related pollution-free, efficient energy generation, storage and utilization technologies and fuels.The web site contains good amount of recent development in full cell technology.
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環境奈米科技知識平台 — 環保署為因應國際趨勢及回應國際社群對於奈米科技的危害控管議題研究需求建議,配合國家型奈米科技計畫提出環保署奈米科技發展藍圖草案(2009年-2014年)。於2008年將過去建置之「奈米技術於環保領域之應用資料庫」轉型為「環境奈米科技知識平台」,期望藉此平台掌握國際間第一手資訊,提供國內各階層權益關係人參與溝通及知識分享形成共識,以進行國際對話及資訊交換。
綠色化學與永續發展相關的會議資訊 — 持續更新相關之國際會議舉辦之資訊 推薦
ACS Green Chemistry Institute彙整的綠色化學會議資訊 — 持續更新相關之國際會議舉辦之資訊
8th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization — 2005年在挪威舉辦之會議議程。可藉其綜觀目前「CO2 Utilization」之狀況。
The ACS Fuel Division Website, the 232th ACS National Meeting, September 10-14, San Francisco —  Green Chemistry for Fuel Synthesis and Processing, 2006 ACS Division of Fuel Chemistry Symposium

中山大學陳國美教授所開發的水冷媒技術 水冷媒:滿足全球制冷需求的正道



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